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September 8, 2020 By Julie Turner

Getting Ready for Your New Ridge Home

With construction well past the halfway point and move-in projected for mid-2021, now’s the time to take a serious look at a move to The Ridge at Paradise Valley Estates.

At Paradise Valley Estates, you can enjoy inclusive living in a gated, master planned Northern California Life Plan Community designed for adults 60+. The stylish cottages and villas of The Ridge offer on campus access to amenities and services galore with expansive views of the Vacaville Open Space Preserve and nearby Mt. Diablo.

Already approaching 75 percent reserved, plenty of future Ridge residents are putting the plans in motion for their 2021 moves. One service is free space planning consultations with interiors specialist Victoria Stone.

Victoria, an interior designer, has extensive experience in home design and is working closely with future residents via virtual in-home consultations. During the consultation, Victoria uses Zoom or FaceTime to tour the future residents’ current home and together they discuss goals and priorities for moving furnishings to their new home at The Ridge.

After the virtual session, Victoria creates a customized, 3-D floor plan of their specific Ridge home to provide a real sense of how the space will look and feel once furnished. The plan not only helps residents know what furniture needs to stay or go in the months ahead, but it’s a great reference to use on move day to guide furniture placement as well as to speed and simplify the actual move-in process. By planning now, there’s more time to address important decisions such as will an item fit into the new home or need to be replaced? Changes can be evaluated and addresses with expert advice from Victoria or the plan can guide later decisions about what to save, re-home or donate.

After Ridge resident-to-be Rachel Riddle received her plan in August, she anticipated her 2021 move even more. “It looks great,” she said. “Thank you for getting so much of what we have to work with without looking crowded.”

Space planning consultations are provided at no cost to future residents of The Ridge. Additional planning and moving support are also available from senior relocation specialists, Gentle Transitions.

If you’d like to learn more about The Ridge or Paradise Valley Estates, contact our Sales Center at 1-800-326-0419 or email us to discuss your plans and goals for the years ahead.


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