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April 2, 2020 By Kevin Burke

Finding a New Normal at Paradise Valley Estates

A few short weeks ago, I remember an altogether different way of life. While our Paradise Valley Estates team was aware of the virus and earnestly preparing to limit its potential impact on our community, the rest of life was refreshingly normal. We were planning spring trips to see family, making dinner plans with friends, and counting our blessings in church pews. With the arrival of the COVID-19 virus not just in our country, but in our own county, everything changed in the blink of an eye.

In recent days, our community and many parts of the nation have stayed home and limited contact with others in hopes of limiting the ferocity of the virus. I can’t help but think that while Paradise Valley Estates residents are staying close to home, we’ve all begun moving toward a different way of everyday life. How we gather, work and take care of each other may never be the same, but the lessons we learn within this experience can color our next phase of national life, whatever that may look like.

There’s another thing I can’t help thinking about. The many quiet, extraordinary acts I’ve seen take place here in Paradise Valley Estates. In a scary and fast-moving health crisis, it’s been soul filling to see our residents and team members respond to this unprecedented stress with selflessness, kindness and creativity. We hope the stories we’ll be sharing in the weeks ahead will warm your heart as much as they have ours.

Visit the Greater Good to learn how our Life Plan Community residents and team members are working hard to keep our community well and safe.

Kevin Burke, CEO Paradise Valley Estates


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