February 27, 2018 By Jan Olson

Exercise is Medicine

I love fitness and all aspects of fitness. Whether it’s biking, hiking, teaching a class, or swimming, that’s my thing and I enjoy it. That said I realize some people do not have the same enthusiasm for moving as I do.

I think most everyone has heard of the physiological benefits of exercise and staying active since it helps control weight, it combats all sorts of health conditions and diseases; it improves sleep quality; and, reduces blood pressure. If you Google the benefits of exercise you get more than 100 examples of why we should be active, but the psychological side is a huge benefit as well.

Increased activity can boost your mood, give you increased energy, and put a big smile on your face. Just drop by our early morning classes and you too will be filled with laughter and a smile, and see how much fun exercise can be. So how do you get started if you are new to exercise and activity?

First of all, get your physicians to say okay. Then meet with me to carve out what will work best for you. The key is to find an activity that you enjoy doing. The second consideration is that you have to be consistent with whatever you decide to do and shift your mindset from short to long term.

Here’s an investing analogy — it’s the seemingly insignificant steps compounded over time that help us achieve our health goals. Our team is here to help you on your journey. We are here for you!


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