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January 31, 2019 By Jan Olson

Come Together Week

Last September we celebrated our first ever ‘Come Together Week’ on the PVE campus. The shared events and activities were designed to intentionally blur the line between residents and team members for one week. Activities like karaoke and rock painting were fun backdrops to getting-to-know-you moments. The sentiments expressed on the “I feel Gratitude because” wall by those who live here and work here was inspiring and beautiful to behold.

Education Day gave everyone a chance to see and learn about existing and emerging initiatives being cultivated by different departments and organizations. Education events have traditionally been limited to team members, but in the spirit of ‘Come Together,’ the event was opened to include resident tables to provide education and to resident ‘students’ who were there to learn. Much focus was given to person-centered care and the many ways people provide and receive care throughout PVE.

Team members were invited to enjoy the residents’ continental breakfast complete with beanbag toss, bocce and Jenga games. The residents emerged victorious in the bocce tournament, but the staff cheerleaders stole the show with their pom-poms, angel wings and tongue-in-cheek cheers!

The week ended with the hugely successful Come Together Party, which included dinner and dancing for 550 people! The Life Enrichment team was blown away by the participation! Jon’s logistics prowess was integral to the evening’s success. We must’ve planned for exactly the right amount of food — nary a bean remained by the end of the evening! If only the weather had been just been a little more cooperative! At least it didn’t rain!

Come Together Week was fun, but how does blurring the lines between those who live and work here translate into positive results for the residents?

A person who has known and cared for you over time, will step up when you cannot for yourself. They’ll know your preferences and will treat you like you matter to them. Developing relationships now, with the people who will care for you later, is an excellent way to ensure that warmth and affection will be part of the care you receive. It’s also true that when individual team members feel known as people, their commitment grows and becomes more heartfelt. Feeling like these can lead to lower turnover and an enduring staff.

Coming together as a community and getting to know one another is really a win-win for all!


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