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September 7, 2017 By Liz Wildberger

Choosing a “Second Home” in PVE

Assisted living at Laurel Creek is composed of 28 private rooms, and residents are encouraged to personalize their individual accommodations with items brought from their former residences. Walking along the corridor and visiting friends is a decorator’s delight. Furniture such as dressers and desks, pictures and artworks on walls, quilts, blankets, a favorite decorative pillow or bookshelves are statements of a resident’s lifestyle.

Laurel Creek serves the needs of residents who require some assistance with medication or mobility, and each resident, in consultation with staff specialists and family members, decides whether the facility at Laurel Creek is more appropriate to individual needs than the more social model at Quail Creek. A care conference is held whenever a resident of assisted living shows a need to transition to another level of care. This conference includes staff, the resident and family members in decision-making.

Ably managed by Kelly Yee as part of PVE’s Health Services, the assisted living section at Laurel Creek enjoys a communal dining room and residents gather for worship services in their own Commons Room, affectionately known as the “AL Den.” Family parties, holiday gatherings, and birthday celebrations are frequent events in the AL Den.

Scenic bus trips, visits to various popular restaurants and choices to participate in programs on campus are available. A schedule of outings is published monthly so that assisted living residents can plan for events in which they intend to be involved. In all cases, the safety and welfare of our residents is paramount.

Talking to residents of the assisted living section at Laurel Creek is a glimpse into how successful transitions from independent living can be. Life continues with both dignity and pride. It is a comforting thought.


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