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January 12, 2017 By Shirley Arnold

Cars, Carts & Coffee

Cars & Coffee which began decades ago in Los Angeles, has since spread across the United States and recently appeared at PVE.

We’ve put a spin on the concept with our own Cars, Carts & Coffee. This isn’t just a breakfast club for car enthusiasts; anyone interested in cars is invited to relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy a conversation with their owners.

Here at PVE, golf carts are an additional category of vehicles worth examining.

Cars, Carts & Coffee isn’t an organization or business. It’s not an elitist group that caters to a specific group of upper echelon car owners. You can’t join it and you can’t quit. No one is a member. There is no agenda, and it is free.

Our most recent event was held on the top deck of our new garage. Everything from Teslas, to Mustangs, to BMWs made an appearance. In typical Cars & Coffee fashion, owners wandered about swapping stories with other participants, or sat in their camp chairs enjoying the sunshine, answering visitors’ questions about their prized vehicles. Overhead, a paraglider circled, taking it all in.

Be on the lookout for another Cars & Coffee this spring!


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