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August 29, 2016 By Shirley Arnold

Bocce Update: The Plucked Flamingo Award

The Six Shooters are one game away from the end of the season and we have won 10, lost 9, and are better than .500 which pleases us since we were really dragging the bottom of the 20-team roster early in the season. Last Thursday we beat the Devil Dogs, 12 to 10. We imagine their terrier mascot, Dickens, left with his tail between his legs.

Midway through the game, the viewing audience began to build, including many Tortilla Flats Flamingos among them, one with a large camera.

Something was afoot.

When the game ended, Jerry Hedrick, the captain of the Flamingos, asked the Six Shooters to stay on the court for a special presentation.

With great ceremony they awarded us The Plucked Flamingo Award – a certificate and a dead flamingo (a rubber chicken sporting pink flamingo feathers). Seems they are still smarting from their 12-0 defeat two weeks ago.

What to do? A few Six Shooters and Flamingos adjourned to the Café patio for coffee. Decision: The Six Shooters will celebrate the Flamingos’ defeat next Tuesday, first in The Club then at dinner in our formal dining room.

Our captain, Ray Arnold, is hard at work designing table decorations comprised of barbecue spits with dead flamingos.   Yours Truly will shop for more pink feathers, decorate 10 skewers for place cards, and write a toast.


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