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February 3, 2022 By Vern Chong

Board Members Make Life Plan Community Home

The Northern California Retired Officers Community Board of Directors was initiated in 1991 when planning began for Paradise Valley Estates Life Plan Community. The board was founded with three members and today includes 11 members, each recruited for their expertise and background. In 2015, the board welcomed its first resident member. Until just a few years ago, board members were all retired military officers. What hasn’t changed is that all of the board members serve on a volunteer basis.

With regard to Paradise Valley Estates, the board provides financial oversight, legal representation, policy, rules of governance and compliance, ensures compliance with laws, guidance on code of conduct and conflict of interest, strategic planning goals, approval of the annual budget, and direction to the chief executive officer.

Twenty-four members have served and left the board, with nine former members becoming residents of Paradise Valley Estates. Today, six former members now call Paradise Valley Estates home. More than their experience as board members, here’s why they say they chose to make Paradise Valley Estates home:

  • NCROC management and caring attitude
  • Leadership quality of the board — past experiences and knowledge of board members
  • Forward-looking planning
  • Military heritage
  • Financial strength and bond management
  • Nonprofit facility
  • Operational management and efficiencies
  • Security and safety
  • Levels of care
  • Customer service and friendliness of staff
  • David Grant Medical Center
  • Fairfield and Travis Air Force Base area
  • The cordiality and friendliness of residents

If friends or relatives ask why you’d choose to live in a place like Paradise Valley Estates, this list is a great start. Chances are if you’re already living here — like many former Northern California Retired Officers Community board members are — you already know why it’s such a rewarding place to live and will continue to be for years to come.


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