October 31, 2017 By Julie Turner

Beating the Holiday Blues

Life moves so fast during the holidays, you might miss the arrival of two unwelcome guests: loneliness and depression. While anyone can suffer from the blues during a traditionally happy season, older adults are more likely to have difficulty coping with sadness, ill health and depression during the holidays — especially if they are isolated from family and friends.

Here are a few key signs to watch for in loved ones, friends or even yourself during the upcoming holiday season:

  • Sleeping too much or trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Appetite changes or weight loss
  • Feeling worthless or helpless
  • Loss of interest in once enjoyed activities
  • Sadness or frequent crying

Beating the blues, can be as easy as changing your routine. Be social and active by inviting a friend over, making a call or two to friends, or head outdoors for a walk. Volunteering for a local nonprofit or project can lift your spirits, too. If feelings persist, don’t be embarrassed. Be kind to yourself and get the support you need.

If your loved one is struggling, make extra time for them or lend a hand to make daily life easier. Be a supportive listener so you can better understand what they’re going through. Encourage them to talk to their physician if the feelings persist.

The holidays can be rough on anyone. Take the time to spread some goodwill and cheer to those around you this holiday season — especially those who may be struggling.


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