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April 11, 2017 By Liz Wildberger

Be a Memory Keeper

What are you planning to leave your family, friends or schools? A solid remembrance such as cash, antiques, silver, gold, and other items are appreciated, but what does your family crave most?

When speaking to family members, one type of request is common: “We wish Granddad had written down his golf stories. They are so funny.” Or “Life when my mother was a bride was so different from my own. How I wish we had a written narrative of those days.”

Writing one’s life in memoir form is not difficult; just start writing an interesting anecdote or vignette, whenever it occurred. Then write another. One is always surprised how one event triggers a memory of another. And in a classroom setting, the memory-joggings are plentiful.

PVE offers a memoir writing course with all materials furnished free—even the instructor—that meets weekly for 90 minutes, and there are exercises (prompts) to engage the writer in class and a weekly assignment. The class lasts eight weeks.

A written narrative about your life is a treasured gift—one your family will appreciate receiving.


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