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June 2, 2020 By Jerry Mulenburg

Are You Content with Your Status Whoa

It’s easy in our daily lives to do nothing for long periods. When things are unpleasant, we make small changes, but not changing is normal for many of us. It shouldn’t be!

The status quo is about how things are and not what we might like, want, or need to do. It’s being stuck! Is it a function of aging, or have recent experiences made us want things to stay the way they are? Well, they won’t. Stay the way they are, that is.

There are many wonderful things formerly impossible for older folks to do that can now be done by them. Thinking of our age and the future shouldn’t make us impatient if someone says something like, “Whoa, you can’t/shouldn’t do that because . . . ” These are not barriers but how others think of us. We can decide for ourselves to find ways to do many things. I see it every day. Good friends now ride tricycles after serious injuries from bicycle falls. They didn’t accept the “Status Whoa.”

Life can be made up of impossible dreams. I no can longer do many things as well as I once did, and I don’t do some at all. I realize I don’t need to do them because they may be unnecessary or even dangerous. I can depend on those more capable than me to help or do it for me. It works!

Living at Paradise Valley Estates relieves us of many chores we once did with gusto, like cleaning house, performing maintenance, lawn care, and many more that are now a choice rather than a must-do. For me there is no more driving long distances on family trips, climbing mountains (or high hills), backpacking into the wilderness, skiing, etc. I check out books and do research online without going to the library. I can virtually visit far-away friends and relatives.

With all the activities available at PVE, I wish I could do more of them. Not because of inability, but because of time and physical limits for how many things I can do in a day. I work on projects for myself and for the Resident Council, and enjoy both very much, but I limit myself to have time to enjoy my friends in the Club, at dinner, or in other activities. I can’t wait for the Wii bowling tryouts, and I want to do yoga, take Tai Chi, go to Train Your Brain, play horseshoes, maybe even pickleball, but I need to delay them until I can work them in. None of this is “Status Whoa!” It’s possible now. It’s just me making time to do it.


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