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September 6, 2018 By Jan Olson

Are We There Yet

Meet at the corner of Sanctuary and Hilborn Road. Bring water, wear hiking boots and bring hiking poles.

Those were the directions and instructions given to all potential Paradise Hikers who were interested in participating in our very first group hike. The weather was cool and breezy, but that was a good thing as this was to be a vigorous event. Five robust residents showed up for our first hike and all participants agreed afterward that it was a huge success.

PVE Fitness Team members Andre Davis and Jan Olson led the hike. Everyone had hiking poles, hiking boots, hats, water and snacks. It soon became clear that the group was very experienced at hiking and their overall level of accomplishment was to marvel at. Several times throughout our hike we heard the question, “Are we there yet?”

We began the hike down Hilborn Road as our planned entry area was overgrown with weeds and presented an uneven hiking surface. As we entered the trail, there was a large sign that warned of rattlesnakes — which, fortunately, we did not see.

The hike offered us a view of our beautiful green hills dotted with cattle, turtles in the Turtle Pond and several species of bird life including a snowy white egret and a California bluebird.

We continued our trek up the Oak Ridge Trail and made it to the summit to see a gorgeous panoramic view of the area. The hikers included several new residents. Burt Endsley, Bea Morrow and Jim Berkovec, as well as Gretchen Dakin and Mary Weigelt were our initial hikers.

Congratulations to our hikers on making it to the summit!


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