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October 31, 2019 By Rich Steiner

Animal House at PVE

We were returning from our weekly “out of bounds escape” walk from PVE, and, just as we approached the gate, we heard someone on the other side of the fence query “Red or white?” I responded, “Two reds please.” I couldn’t see what was happening on the other side of the fence, but I did not want to miss an opportunity for daily recommended heart medicine.

After passing through the highly secure PVE Gate, we turned toward where we heard “red or white” and observed an event that we never knew anyone ever celebrated anywhere. We found the (previously unnoticed to us) PVE Dog Park, and there was a celebration inside. It was Fido’s first birthday party! There were seven or eight well behaved dogs accompanied by at least that many wine drinking residents with a somewhat lower standard of behavior. We have seen other gatherings here a few times, so a C&S form should be submitted to change the name from Dog Park to People’s Park.

Since that event, we have seen some competition from the cat owners. The PVE cat owner residents have shown up for a cat dine-out in even greater numbers, of course accompanied by their favorite picture of their animal. Next year, I am quite sure they will institute, “Bring your cat to dine.”

To try to top the cat dinner, there was a dog parade with many residents and spectators carrying treats who lined the streets to observe their favorite dogs and many dogs and some owners in costume. Next year, there is likely to be an owner/dog look-alike contest to accompany the parade.

We have seen a dog leading a wheelchair down the street. When I asked if the dog was pulling the chair, the owner responded, “We are practicing for the Iditarod.”

I saw my favorite animal quote on the PVE hallway board: “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

On our almost daily dog treat walk, we have observed several different dog types. They come in all sizes, but all share the ability to sight a treat from a block away. They will jump on anyone close by that puts a hand in their pocket. They will eat any treat anytime and one morsel is never enough.

Then there are the doggy connoisseurs of fine foods. They will carefully sniff the food first and often refuse the treat. Sometimes even spitting it out. Other dogs will only accept the treat if you hold your hand out flat. There are even a couple dogs that will only accept food from their owners.

The last type of dog is the No Treats Allowed Dog, where the owners want them to lose a pound or they have special dietary needs.

Some of our PVE dogs are seeing trainers, teeth cleaners, hair stylists, and even dog psychiatrists. And to this end, will be the first attempts at doggy limericks. Look out, Bill Rawlinson.


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