March 10, 2016 By Jan Olson

Airplane Seat Solutions

The spring travel months are upon us and many will travel by air. The idea of air travel was at one time a special luxury we would look forward to with both delight and excitement. Boy, have times changed.

The travel experience now involves long lines with the TSA screening process, small uncomfortable areas for boarding and stowing your carry-ons if you are lucky enough to bring them on the plane, and the endless hassle of air travel delays. The list goes on and on.

That said, we all know that the seats are cramped with very little leg room and the shape of most airline seats has a curvature that forces the spine into an uncomfortable C-shape.

Here are some tips for your next trip:

1. Fill the C.

The concave shape puts pressure on the spinal discs and is the starting point for muscle tension. Fill the lower part of your seat with pillows, blankets, sweaters, or a cushion to create a flat plane along which you can lengthen your spine.

2. Hip-hinge forward.

You can avoid the C-shape by hip hinging forward. Use your hands to support your head with your elbows resting on the open tray table. This can provide a gentle stretch in the neck.

3. Support your head.

Lengthen your spine and support your head against the seat in front of you. If you are in a window seat, you can find more support between the seat in front of you and the wall of the airplane. This works especially well for taller individuals who can adjust the placement of their heads to allow the spine to stretch and relax even in a cramped seat.

Here is wishing you a safe and hopefully more comfortable flight.


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