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March 26, 2019 By Jeanne Michael

Again a World Champion

In November 2018, Carrie Reese successfully defended her world championships, this time in the 132.8-pound category. So what to do with her free time? She was just elected to the PVE Resident Council among other activities.

To give a quick resume of Carrie’s competition history, for her first match she weighed in at 280 pounds but the highest weight flight was 220 so that’s where she started. She lifted 248 pounds at Rancho Cordova in that meet in August 2012. Since then she has competed in six weight classes with world records in each class (220, 198, 181, 165, 148) and her latest world record is in the 132.8 weight class with a bench press of 96 pounds and a dead lift of 200 pounds. It was quite a meet as she broke records and then broke those records. As the weight classes go down, the numbers for records also go down. She is the only woman over 75 years of age with this record. Her latest competition was at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas — an international meet with 48 states and 12 foreign countries represented — resulting in about 600 attendees!

She still works with a food coach to stabilize her weight and turned 82 on November 22. Since she is staying in her current weight class, she won’t have to follow such strict food rules and will be available for meals and celebratory drinks in the bar.

Carrie has more than 35 world records in bench, dead lift and push and pull, a combination of lifts for bench and dead lift. Mike Dayton and Sherry Abbett are her weight lifting coaches, Jennifer Aguirre is her food coach, and Christian Aguirre is her upper body coach.

Her new goals are body weight of 125 to 130 and more muscle to dead lift at least 235 pounds and bench press 110 pounds. By December 2020, she hopes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the World Association of Bench and Dead Lifters. Since she doesn’t plan on dropping any weight, she is even starting to buy a new wardrobe. She admits to using a lot of safety pins to aid the fit. She plans to compete as long as she can. The next competition is in early 2019 so hold all good thoughts for her then.


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