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August 13, 2020 By Jessica Duplantis

Adjusting to Assisted Living at Paradise Valley Estates

In a previous post, we detailed the range of assisted living options available at Paradise Valley Estates, a 76-acre Northern California not-for-profit Life Plan Community. Finding the right kind of community is one milestone in the process of helping a loved one transition to an assisted living setting. Helping them make the move with greater success and comfort is equally important.

Paradise Valley Estates works hard to help loved one’s transition with the greatest success possible. More than 25 years of experience has shown us that it’s sure to be an emotional and challenging time so we’re there for your family at every step. We can help with acquiring state-required physician documentation, connecting you to senior resources, or link you with specialized, senior-focused moving companies who understand the nuances of what your family is navigating.

At Paradise Valley Estates, a member of our nursing team completes an introductory assessment to build a service plan in preparation for each new resident’s arrival. Knowing the plan in advance often helps ease anxieties all around. Families know more about what kind of help their loved one will receive at the community and can discuss it along with the social and lifestyle enrichment that comes with their new home.

After move-in, our team members take extra care to connect with residents and help them adjust to their new surroundings. Whether through an introductory orientation or taking them to activities, introducing them to fellow residents or accompanying them to dinner, we work hard to ensure the first days are a strong foundation for the months of adjustment that lie ahead. Quite simply, we do our best to help them feel at home.

For additional details about Paradise Valley Estates or to inquire about a virtual tour and private consultation, call 1.800.326.0419 or complete our online inquiry form.


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