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April 9, 2020 By Julie Turner

A Social Distancing Star

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought significant changes to Northern California’s Paradise Valley Estates and the life of resident Sally Gripman. Not just in how she’s living everyday life, the crisis delivered Sally a new — and highly visible — role in her community’s virus response plan.

Though she never had designs about being a community leader when she arrived at PVE in 2015, Sally later was elected to the community’s Resident Council and today serves as president. That’s how she found herself front and center in the Life Plan Community’s virus response as co-host of a twice-weekly YouTube livestream.

The shows, which began broadcasting in mid-March and are co-hosted by CEO Kevin Burke, share current health data, evolving guidelines, community services and support residents’ wellness virtually. What’s more, in a dangerous, fast-evolving situation where misinformation can spread unchecked, residents can count on PVE to provide accurate, up-to-date information every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from people they know and trust. For Gripman, the shows are also a way to thank the community rallying to keep residents safe. “Our CEO and the management team saw the handwriting on the wall very early,” she says. “Our community has rallied to embrace this new way of living.”

Sally has become well known around PVE for helping fellow residents perfect social distancing. “I needed to show myself how far six feet actually is in real life,” she says. “The closest thing I could find that was long enough was a curtain rod that I had in the back of a closet. So, I tied a big bow on the end, and I carry it around with me!”

As for the broadcasts, Sally’s becoming as comfortable with media technology as she is with the responsibility of shepherding fellow residents through a surreal situation. “It hasn’t been easy and there are many challenges,” Sally admits. “I believe when you live in a community each person has a responsibility to be part of building that community.”

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