Military Traditions

May 5, 2020 By Bill McNamara

A Life Plan Community Rooted in Military Tradition

There’s a reason Paradise Valley Estates is so appealing to retired uniformed services officers of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health and NOAA. The Life Plan Community’s founders — all former military officers — wanted to offer a retirement lifestyle that assured exceptional residential and healthcare services for military retirees who had honorably served their nation.

With so many retirees and veterans, military traditions are evident in everyday life at PVE. Of our very active resident committees fostered under our Resident Council, two are related directly — the Wall of Remembrance Committee and the Patriotic Committee. Both are prominent in that they display our heritage in our “club” and through celebrations of our national holidays.

There is also a very active outreach program to foster, mentor and assist the Fairfield High School Air Force Junior ROTC cadet program, both fiscally and academically. At the beginning of each academic year, the cadet cadre and chain of command outline their goals and training program to a selected panel of PVE residents. The panel reviews with them face to face and offers ways to assist them to achieve their goals. We honor cadet superior achievements on our campus quarterly providing special evening dinners in our main dining room. Guest speakers also are provided for special occasions at school, in particular, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Other interactions include assemblies on Memorial and Veterans Day at the high school. The cadets, in turn, enhance our on-campus ceremonies at PVE by providing color and honor guards and their award-winning scarlet brigade featuring drums and bag pipes.

The patriotic committee has sponsorship of the community’s Military Heritage Museum, a collection of five cabinets displaying mementos and artifacts of our resident veterans or family members who have served our nation. Each display of the three cabinets in PVE’s Community Center,  plus those located in Laurel Creek and Quail Creek, detail and herald activity from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

All residents, whether retired military or civilian, are invited to participate in this open, warm and diverse community. We hope new residents will share their heritage and help  our museum continue to grow.

Just as the Capital One commercial says, “What’s in your wallet?” as curator of our military heritage museum I ask, “What’s in your closet?”


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