July 14, 2020 By Jan Olson

12 Ways to Slow the Aging Process

Chronological aging is inevitable; however, you have control over how well you age. Yes, it’s true!

In fact, here are 12 ways we each can slow down the aging process by our choices regarding our wellbeing.

  1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and be honest.
  2. Exercise consistently year-round. The older you get the faster you lose a type of fitness if you don’t exercise that type.
  3. Train wisely to avoid setbacks and injury.
  4. Plan how to combine your favorite activity while addressing the areas in which you need to improve and set goals to track your progress.
  5. Exercise aerobically year-round to maintain and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness.
  6. Add intensity workouts that are appropriate to your goals.
  7. Strength train regularly to complement your other fitness sessions and to maintain your capacity to do activities of daily living.
  8. Stretch regularly to increase your physical comfort and maintain your capacity to do activities of daily living.
  9. Practice balance drills to reduce the risk of falling — the number one reason mature people go to the emergency room.
  10. Engage in weight-bearing activities as part of your aerobic and strength training.
  11. Balance exercise with the rest of your life so you get sufficient recovery and avoid over training.
  12. Have fun!

This photo was taken prior to mask requirements being put in place at Paradise Valley Estates.


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