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Greater Good

Cocktails by Zoom

Since our shelter in place began, residents have found creative ways to stay connected with friends.

A Gift of Personal Time

Few people anticipated how greatly COVID-19 would impact life in 2020. Thankfully, the Paradise Valley Estates community and our 550 residents have weathered the situation exceptionally well.

Supplied by Creativity

Hand sanitizer production turned into short-term opportunity for Solano County’s Heretic Brewing when their taproom and restaurant closed due to the shelter in place order. Not only could the production help sustain operations and preserve staffing, the product was greatly needed as traditional hand sanitizers were still nearly impossible to find.

Guarding Health and Safety

Paradise Valley Estates team members have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 crisis to help residents stay safe. One team that’s been crucial to the effort is the safety team that guards the community’s front gated entrance.

Bridging Gaps Created by Social Distancing

Paradise Valley Estates has quickly re-imagined and replaced longstanding systems, programs and activities and on the very shortest of timelines to keep residents safe.

A Helping Hand with Medication Management

When you can’t just run out to the pharmacy, count on the Paradise Valley Estates team to bring the pharmacy to you.

Dining Services Aims for Four-Star Delivery, Dining and Safety

Adapting services for Paradise Valley Estates residents while quarantined has presented vexing challenges. Knowing that dining is a daily highlight for many residents and conscious of the top-shelf food quality his team is known for, David Kalbaugh, the community’s Dining Services director, set about creating a fulfillment system that duplicated a meal in the community’s popular main dining room or casual cafe.

Live From Paradise Valley Estates

Paradise Valley Estates has always been ahead of the curve in using technology to support resident communication and social connections.

PVE Housekeeping Team Shines During COVID-19

The Housekeeping Department at Paradise Valley Estates has put great thought and care into making sure their services meet any emerging health and safety needs resulting from the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Ding-Dong Dinner

Our community’s Dining Services team has spearheaded the planning and preparation of resident meals since the COVID-19 outbreak began in mid-March. Some of our team members from other areas have been pulling double duty for weeks delivering meals right to residents’ front doors.