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Life Here

Blue Rock Springs Golf Course East

At Blue Rock Springs Golf Course, you choose from an east or west course for unique 18-hole experiences that will challenge your club selection and course management skills. Learn more about the east course.

Termite Talk: The Boot Rack

The Termites, our community woodworking group, recently completed a project for a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary. In the process, they also learned about different types of rescue organizations and the work they do.

Cars and Coffee is Back at PVE

Our Cars and Coffee event is back and better than ever. Enjoy classics from around the globe — and more — the morning of April 23 at Paradise Valley Estates.

Everyone is an Artist at Paint and Sip Class

You don’t have to be an experienced painter to enjoy an afternoon of painting. Our monthly paint and sip class is a chance to explore your artistic side.

A Chair Lift with a Twist

Our resident woodworkers — The Termites — love a challenge. They recently raised a set of rattan furniture that needed to be a few inches taller. Here’s how they did it.

Davis Golf Course

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon? The challenging, highly affordable and open-to-the-public Davis Golf Course in Yolo County.

Local Planner: Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum

The Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum is just a short drive away from us but offers hours of fascinating exploration into the history of Mare Island’s rich Naval history and the evolution of the Vallejo area.

Uniforms Offer Fitting Tribute

Our community was founded to serve military retirees. Today you’ll still find a wide range of uniforms on display throughout campus in tribute to their remarkable service.

The True Spirit of PVE

We’re a place where community resonates more deeply than a traditional neighborhood. Learn how a military foundation helped shape our Life Plan Community’s welcoming culture.

As a Californian

Living in California can seem like an everyday, ho-hum thing until you take a trip to the Midwest. Then be prepared to hear all about it, laughs one resident.