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Presidential Remembrances

Reflecting on the comings and goings of four Presidents — and powerful moments that rewrote history — during one lifetime.

Lions Dance in the New Year

San Francisco high schoolers brought their Chinese dancing lion program LionDanceME to Fairfield to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

Carrie’s Heavy Lifting Worth Weight in Gold

Here’s a fun fact. Our Life Plan Community is home to a World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters Hall of Famer. Learn more about Carrie and how lifting has influenced her life.

Military Appreciation Month

The month of May is a busy time on our Life Plan Community’s campus. During Military Appreciation Month we pause to both remember and celebrate those who dedicate their lives to serving our nation.

My Return from War

One of the craftiest fighters of World War II was a luxurious passenger ship called the RMS Queen Elizabeth. Learn about her fate from a veteran who journeyed back to America aboard the luxury liner.

Local Planner: Napa Valley Gondola

When you can’t get to Venice, enjoy a little slice of the experience here in Napa with a river tour from Napa Valley Gondola.

Ridge Neighborhood Opens to Rave Reviews

When we unveiled our newest neighborhood to the public in March, it was a perfect Northern California day to celebrate a remarkable way of life you can live every day.

Meeting a Famous Person

One resident recalls a chance meeting with then-candidate John F. Kennedy on a campaign swing through Pennsylvania.

Blue Rock Springs Golf Course East

At Blue Rock Springs Golf Course, you choose from an east or west course for unique 18-hole experiences that will challenge your club selection and course management skills. Learn more about the east course.

Termite Talk: The Boot Rack

The Termites, our community woodworking group, recently completed a project for a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary. In the process, they also learned about different types of rescue organizations and the work they do.