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Air Force 75th Anniversary Dinner

The celebration of the 75th anniversary of United State Air Force as a separate service was celebrated on Sunday, September 18, by PVE Air Force alumni residents and other PVE community members who gathered in Rawlinson Hall for a commemorative dinner.

Duty at the White House

My first Air Force (AF) assignment after completion of the Communications-Electronics (CE) officers’ course in 1967 was to the Communications Squadron at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana.

Bocce at PVE

The Bombardiers seem to be running away from the rest of the league. They are currently 3 ½ games ahead of the second-place team, the Warriors. The Court Jesters are currently in third.

Bracciano to Ajaccio (Where else to go?)

Ahhhh! Another routine training week at Lago di Bracciano north of Rome. With only three freshwater seaplane bases in Europe, training in winter with the SA-16 “Albatross” was best done where icing would be at a minimum.

Blue Rock Springs Golf Course West

Vallejo’s Blue Rock Springs is open to the public and features east or west courses, with each boasting a fun but challenging 18-hole experience. Learn more about playing the west course.

What is Flag Day?

There’s no better day to dive into vexillology than on Flag Day. Learn how the American flag — and California’s state flag — came to be.

Celebrating a Caring Cadre of Nurses

Each year during National Nurses Week in early May, our community’s retired nurses gather together to honor a never-ending legacy of caring with a celebratory lunch.

The Obligatory Baths

The lessons of water management were taught early to Mary Ann. Her grandmother Flora had already lived through years of it in northwestern Colorado including some pretty unforgettable Saturday night baths.

The Hole History of National Donut Day

There’s probably a lot you don’t know about National Donut Day. Go beyond the deliciousness with a deep dive into donut history.

D-Day June 6, 1944

Get an inside view of a D-Day mission from an Air Force pilot who was there. A World War II veteran — and PVE resident — takes you back to that very early morning in 1944.