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Cars and Coffee Fuel Conversation

For some, a car is just a way to get from Point A to Point B. For others, it’s part of their identity, a proud possession, a reminder of a memorable time in tangible form.

Discover U: Breaking a Leg in the Digital Age

In 2018, Paradise Valley Estates launched a speaker series called Discover U.

Wreaths Across America

"Having visited our son’s resting place at Christmas for the past two years, impressed by the sight of thousands of identical wreaths at each marker, we wondered who did it and how that was done so beautifully. Now we would find out and take part."

French Legion of Honor Medal Recipient

The Consul General of France awarded Dan Dougherty, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, the Legion of Honor medal.

Cars, Carts & Coffee

Cars & Coffee which began decades ago in Los Angeles, has since spread across the United States and recently appeared at PVE.

Bocce Update: The Plucked Flamingo Award

The Six Shooters are one game away from the end of the season and we have won 10, lost 9, and are better than .500 which pleases us since we were really dragging the bottom of the 20-team roster early in the season.

Bocce & Pickleball Happenings at PVE

The 6 Shooters have rolled through half of the season with four wins, six losses. Our recent loss was not without some laughs and good fun

The Goats of PVE

Much has happened. The 6 Shooters are on the march. We have played two more bocce matches and won both of them. This, in spite of the interesting distractions around the court.