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Just How Old Are You?

At dinner one evening at PVE, we were discussing how old someone was and this triggered a question in my mind. “Really, how old are you?” Maybe it depends on only a few... Read More >>

Pedaling to Work

When PVE Assisted Living Manager Kelly Yee decided to bike the five miles each way from her home to work every day instead of driving, she knew the Hilborn hill would be a... Read More >>


What Marriage Teaches You

Most of what I really needed to know about life happened after I got married: how to act, what to do, and how to live. This kind of wisdom doesn’t get handed down from family... Read More >>


Newton’s Laws & Writing

A current TV commercial claims, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.” It conveys the need for an external force to get... Read More >>


PVE at The Races

I’d never been to a real racetrack prior to our recent excursion to Golden Gate Fields. The image I had in my mind was based on what I had seen in films: A foggy, windy,... Read More >>