Board of Directors

Paradise Valley Estates is governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors, which was formed in 1991. Members are nonresidents who are nominated to serve based on areas of expertise and, once elected, can serve unlimited three-year consecutive terms. The board also includes one, elected community resident with full voting privileges.

The board has a number of established committees including Finance & Investment Management, Construction & Engineering, Foundation and Health Care.

Officers and Board Members

  • Col Cecil F. “Bud” Ross, USAF, Ret
  • CAPT Nicholas R. Van Male, USN, Ret
    Vice Chairman
  • Col Kenneth J. Mackie, USAF, Ret
  • Lt Col Gary W. Erickson, USAF, Ret
  • Col Sandra R. Schmidt-Berringer, USAF, Ret
  • Mr. John A. DiMichele
  • Brig Gen Thomas Gisler, USAF, Ret
  • LTC Thomas G. Kurkjian, USA, Ret
  • Mr. Sean P. Quinn
  • CAPT Charles T. “Chuck” Smith, USN, Ret
  • Maj Gen Geoffrey P. Wiedeman, USAF, Ret

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