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Visit the Library at PVE

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There has been a spate of newcomers to PVE lately.  If you’re one of them, you may have heard that we have a library on the second floor of the Community Center. The rumors are true.

In fact, it’s stocked with close to 6,000 books—mainly fiction, mystery, and biography. You may check out books by listing your name and the books on a sign-out sheet at the back counter. You may keep titles as long as you like, up to two months. Paperbacks need not be formally checked out.

Reading in our library is a pleasure. So feel free to curl up in one of the comfortable chairs or explore the room down the hall with tapes and large-print books. Though the supply of  large prints is limited, there is a reading machine in that room as well.

Residents can also donate books and magazines to share with our community.

Happy reading!