NorthBay Primary Care Clinic

See a primary care physician just minutes from home.

NorthBay Healthcare operates a fee-for-service primary care clinic onsite in Paradise Valley Estates. The clinic, located in the Laurel Creek Health Center, is staffed by three medical team members from NorthBay Healthcare and is open most Mondays.

NorthBay Medical Team

  • Douglas Freeman, MD
  • Patricia Fenili, Nurse Practitioner
  • Teresa Whitley, MD and Medical Director, Laurel Creek Health Center at Paradise Valley Estates

NorthBay can also provide onsite appointments in other medical specialties such as dermatology, audiology and podiatry.

Accepting New Patients
You don’t have to be an existing NorthBay patient to see a provider. The clinic is accepting new patients. For an appointment, call 707-646-5500 and mention that you’d like to be seen at the NorthBay Primary Care Clinic at Paradise Valley Estates.

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