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Posts by Jan Heise

Why Write a Memoir?

Your first thought is “How conceited can I get?” However, once you have begun the process, your very next thought is “This is more work than I expected!” New and harsher thoughts tend to surface later in the writing process.

Healers in Fur Coats

In September, PVE celebrated Active Aging Week and we certainly enjoy a wide variety of physical fitness activities designed for every level of ability here.

School Days

"Like many children who grew up in rural America during the 1900s, I attended that bit of Americana called the one-room schoolhouse."

PVE Worship Service

The history of the Worship Service at PVE is a study in patience and persistence, as embodied by its founder Lucille Thyrring.

Childhood Christmas Traditions

Holidays are built around family traditions, which give them their rich and unique flavor.

Belly Up to the Barre

In the Fitness Department’s ongoing effort to entice residents to keep fit, strong and flexible, the staff always searches for the latest exercise methods.