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The Importance of Continuing Care

One of the most important reasons people choose a continuing care retirement community like Paradise Valley Estates is easy access to high-quality skilled nursing care. For most residents, they hope the day when they need that care is far off in the future. For residents Ray and Shirley Arnold, who moved into Paradise Valley Estates about two years ago, the time of need came sooner as Ray was facing some planned surgery. The surgery would also require some rehabilitation and recuperation. Ray was able to return directly to Laurel Creek Health Center on the Paradise Valley Estates campus when discharged. Following a couple weeks of care and therapy, Ray has been discharged and is doing very well.

Following is a letter that Ray wrote to Mark Anderson, Chief Operations Officer for Paradise Valley Estates. Mark oversees the operation of Laurel Creek Health Center.

Ray writes:

“Dear Mark:

As newer residents our knowledge of Laurel Creek Health Center is somewhat cursory. Yes, we were shown around the complex earlier by the excellent and thorough Marketing Staff, we have visited friends quartered there temporarily, done the Christmas Tree tours and periodic Dog Walks, kept appointments with visiting MDs and NPs–snicking a couple of chocolate chip cookies on the way through the lobby, but it takes an inpatient stay to appreciate fully the extensive resources and capabilities of this facility.

The Staff are delightful; we were welcomed warmly on check-in, and that atmosphere never changed. They are professional, competent, and exceptionally pleasant to be with. Over the last couple of decades I have had occasion to be in several rehab facilities; none was better than LCHC. With a nod to David Kalbaugh, I have never seen, along with the daily menu selection sheet, substitution options of e.g. Salmon, Filet Mignon, and other palate-pleasers in a healthcare residence.

The short form is that we have a newly found appreciation for LCHC in particular, and Paradise Valley Estates in general. It reinforces all the reasons and expectations we had, and have, in coming here in the first place. Thank you.”


Ray Arnold

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