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Move With Confidence


As we age, some of the systems involved in maintaining balance and stability endure changes. For example our vision may decline causing an increase in blurriness as well as reductions in depth perception, contrast and ability to see in low-light situations.

Changes also occur in the way our muscles respond to nerve signals. Declines in physical activity can result in loss of muscle strength. Conditions such as arthritis or Parkinson’s can make you less secure on your feet. Moreover, poor posture and certain medications may also affect your balance as can joint injury or surgery.

Fitness is a big part of combatting these trends and balance exercises are a key component of a complete fitness program. One of the best ways to build balance is by walking. Walking keeps your leg muscles strong and reinforces balance. Practicing Tai Chi has also been shown to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls.

We are fortunate here at PVE to have our comprehensive balance-training program offered at the Powerhouse. This program utilizes the HUR I balance platform and other special equipment to work on center of gravity training, postural training and gait pattern enhancement. If you are struggling with confidence in your movement or have had a fall recently, this program could be a big help. Our fitness team is here for you, so please reach out and contact me. We look forward to helping you plan a personalized program and enabling you to move again with confidence.