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Going Around in Circles for Your Heart

Circuit training is a great way to achieve both aerobic fitness and muscle strength simultaneously. Plus, it can be a lot of fun because every workout is new, different and challenging.


The idea behind circuit training is to move from station to station every few minutes with minimal rest periods. A circuit can include, but is not limited to, six to eight exercises. The stations can range from cardiovascular fitness training on a treadmill, to riding a Nu Step bike to climbing on the elliptical. Upper and lower strength training is achieved in stations by using free weights (allowing for more range of motion), weight machines and/or resistance training bands. Stations can also incorporate flexibility exercises by using the Keiser Stretch zone to help improve range of motion.

There are many benefits from circuit training. Here are just a few: First, circuit training is aerobically beneficial for cardiovascular endurance. Next, strength training can help to improve everyday living activities. And by moving stations every couple of minutes the time goes by quickly and no one gets bored. Finally, stations can be customized to meet an individual’s specific fitness goals.

The circuit training class meets on Thursday morning from 9:15 to 10:00 a.m. in the fitness room across from the pool. People of any fitness level are welcome.

See you there!