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9 Ways to Love Your Brain

Brain health is one of today’s hottest topics. Here are ten things everyone should know about improving it.

1. Take a walk.

Studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise boosts daily intellectual performance and significantly lowers the risk for dementia.

2. Lose that spare tire.

Maintaining a healthy weight with a low ratio of belly fat can significantly lower the risk for a memory disorder.

3. Follow Doctor’s orders.

Staying on top of your medical care is key. Managing chronic conditions such as hypertension or diabetes can also reduce the risk for stroke and dementia.

4. Get your ZZZs.

Choices such as how much sleep we get, how stressed we feel and what risks we take impact daily memory performance and brain health. Get a good night’s sleep, avoid risky behaviors, and don’t ignore emotional upsets.

5. Play games against the clock.

Timed activities force you to pay attention, work fast and think nimbly. Seek out games to help enhance your daily recall, and practice making connections between things you’re learning and those you already know.

6. Get schooled.

Staying intellectually engaged can also lower risks for memory impairment. Look for activities out of your comfort zone. For example, if you like to read, try a poetry class. And find ways to change up your brain’s routine, such as using your nondominant hand or taking a new route to your destination.

7. Go out with the gang.

Staying social can cut your risk for memory impairment in half. Social situations offer great challenges for everyday thinking.

8. Get a job or volunteer.

Working or volunteering can improve your daily intellectual performance, as you have to engage both intellectually and socially.

9. Perfect the Power of Positive Thinking.

If you want to remember more effectively, believe that you can! Self-perception can impact performance.

We are so fortunate here at PVE to have so many opportunities to boost our brain health. So why not start today?  Your body, mind and spirit with thank you.