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The Scholarship Committee at PVE

Many of us recall working while going to school. It can be a hardship to balance schoolwork and work schedules, let alone have time for athletics or other activities. Many of the staff here at PVE are in that situation due to a need for financial support.

Young man using laptop and studying in library

The cost of education is continually increasing, and many must work to pay for tuition, books, and supplies. Some seek a degree in particular disciplines, some vocational training and others certificates of completion in a chosen field.

We are truly fortunate to have a dedicated and courteous staff who serve us on a daily basis, whether in the dining room, maintenance, housekeeping, nursing or administration. It is always interesting and enlightening to speak with them about the schools they attend and their career goals.

The PVE Employee Education Program was initiated to provide scholarship grants to employees who wanted to advance in nursing. Now, scholarships are awarded for many disciplines.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of nine residents who serve for three years. PVE’s Chief Human Resources Officer is a voting member of the committee. Employees submit applications twice a year, usually spring and fall. The applications are reviewed by Human Resources for completion and eligibility.

An employee is eligible after one year of part time or full time employment and must not have a record of any disciplinary action. The committee reviews the applications and interviews each applicant. The committee then recommends approval or disapproval of each application by PVE’s Chief Executive Officer. We’re proud to have awarded 76 scholarships to our employees totaling $97,950, with some employees receiving multiple grants.

The scholarship program promotes employee morale and communicates our care for our amazing staff. It reflects our appreciation for their service and commitment to PVE.

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