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DOD: Dog on Duty

My name is Betsie. I’m a Havanese lap dog, usually with pretty bows on my ears. My tail is so poufy that sometimes when you see me sideways in the distance, you can’t tell which way I’m headed.

Nice to meet you!

This is my third tour of duty here at PVE. I was a puppy in 2005 when I had basic training with 90-year-old Bud Card on Military Court. But I was a bit too rambunctious and pulled him down occasionally while he was holding my leash. To add insult to injury, I ate his platinum, state-of-the-art hearing aid off the nightstand…twice!

Soon I was pre-inherited by his daughter, Carol. We would visit Bud twice a week so my next deployment was as Chief Petty Mascot at Quail Creek and Laurel Creek in 2011, where the staff was so nice to Bud and said I was very well behaved. I was happy to oblige when other residents asked to stroke or hold me while I was sitting in Bud’s lap. So many people said I was “so cute” that I thought that was my middle name!

Bud’s daughter, Carol moved here in February. On our first morning back, I took her out to the bench by the creek where we used to sit with Bud and watch the goats, quail, hawks and turkeys. I learned in basic training that turkeys hurt when they peck so I no longer bother them, but I do herd them off our portion of the greenbelt.

Now that I am 77 (in dog years), it is wonderful to be here as a qualified resident in such a comfortable community. There’s the dog park and hitching post with water dish, not to mention sidewalks, lawns and abundant landscaping to sniff and so many nice people who give me treats from their pockets.

My newest BFFs are the personnel at the entry gate who have a stash of treats to keep dogs who are AWOL from their houses from leaving the property. I call the guard station my Starbucks. I take Carol there to get my energy boost before we hike uphill to the Community Center as we patrol the campus.

Time to get back on active duty and go cheer up some of my two-legged friends at Laurel Creek. That’s what makes my tail wag!