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Balancing the Retirement Equation

After working for decades, it’s easy to look at retirement as a chance to slow down and take it easy. The retired phase of your life, however, could also last for decades,... Read More >>

Come Relax With Us!

Stress complicates our mental and emotional wellbeing in ways we may not recognize and erodes our ability to cope with challenges great and small. To make matters worse, many... Read More >>


Living Better through Chemistry

Nancy and Fred Wisner met in high school, but not as dewy-eyed teenagers. They were both science teachers at the renowned Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek. Fred was already... Read More >>


A Life of Togetherness

Tom and Dennie were friends for years until a 1958 dance rewrote their lives. There, Dennie lost her earrings and stole Tom’s heart. When Tom retired, they started living... Read More >>


Diplomatic Service at PVE

From the earliest days, people who planned to be residents gave their time and energy to connect with others considering a move to Paradise Valley Estates. Almost immediately... Read More >>


What’s in a Name

One Friday morning while doing Tai-Chi out near the Pavilion, I, once again, became aware of the magic of living here.  With an artist’s eye, I looked up at the magnificent... Read More >>



Gates part slowly and the yellow school bus lumbers onto the campus at Paradise Valley Estates.  The bus is filled with excited third-graders who are looking forward to meeting... Read More >>


Variety is the Spice of Life

“How is the food?” That’s a question often heard from people considering a move to Paradise Valley Estates. “PVE is the finest restaurant in the Fairfield area!”... Read More >>


PVE Has Gone to the Dogs

One of the most delightful things about PVE is the allowance of dogs.  When walking the campus, one can encounter numerous canines of every size, shape and color.  Most... Read More >>