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Valentines Dinner & Dance

Walking into the dining room you could see sweethearts and friends all dressed in their lovely party clothes and a sea of red gathered to enjoy a fun evening. In the foyer,... Read More >>


Variety is the Spice of Life

“How is the food?” That’s a question often heard from people considering a move to Paradise Valley Estates. “PVE is the finest restaurant in the Fairfield area!”... Read More >>

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Bocce Play at PVE

A sure sign of spring is when the PVE Bocce Committee assembles all willing residents for the upcoming Spring Tournament.  In the spirit of good fun, the ‘minutes’ of... Read More >>


Meals Worth Savoring

Many chefs never know the guests for whom they plan, sear and sauté. Executive Chef of Paradise Valley Estates, Dwayne Scott, is a rare exception. Each day he sees and visits... Read More >>