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Bocce Update #5 from May 7, 2015

I really hate to admit this, but Match 3 was an ignoble defeat. The Fireballs beat us 12 to 2 and we had both our “ringers” playing, our two hot golfers. Guess fairway... Read More >>

Bocce 6 PVE Angels

Bocce Update #4 from May 1, 2015

May Day. (And Red Friday.) In centuries past May Day celebrated the arrival of Spring with dancing around a May pole decorated with flowers and colored streamers. For the... Read More >>

Bocce 5 Phyllis Mosher's team

Bocce in Living Color

Down by the creek, under the giant oaks, I could make out a jumble of bright colors moving randomly side to side, and hear muffled voices punctuated by sudden shouts, or groans.... Read More >>

flmingo photo

Bocce Play at PVE

A sure sign of spring is when the PVE Bocce Committee assembles all willing residents for the upcoming Spring Tournament.  In the spirit of good fun, the ‘minutes’ of... Read More >>