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Tips for Post-Retirement Life

Most people aspire to live a life of health and wellness. Senior citizens and those who have reached retirement age, in particular, don’t want bad health to determine what they can or can’t do in the future. Today’s retirees often have big plans and lengthy bucket lists, says Jan Olson, fitness and living well manager at Paradise Valley Estates, a northern California continuing care retirement community.

“Today we see more people who think of retirement as a new chapter in their book of life. They don’t have an I’m-past-my-prime mindset,” says Jan. “Many people in retirement are challenging themselves to compete in athletic events, be very active volunteers or spend more time with their extended family.”


“My top tip for someone who is approaching retirement or is newly retired would be to ease into this phase of life with a plan for part time or volunteer work on a regular basis to keep you engaged and involved with yourself and others,” says Jan. Self-care with emphasis on daily exercise is crucial for longevity and quality of life. “In order to enjoy retirement and maximize its outcomes, one needs to stay fit and well. Invest in your most valuable asset — yourself and your health,” Jan adds.

Here are other tips that can help you enjoy a fulfilling, healthy life:

Prepare For Emergencies
Being prepared for an emergency — whether it’s a house fire or health issue — will likely make it easier to recover should an emergency occur. Crafting a contingency plan or stocking an emergency kit ensures you’re ready and causes less panic. Preparedness comes in many forms from conversations with loved ones about medical care to knowing the safest area in your home to find shelter.

Exercise Every Day
Exercise is an integral aspect of healthy living and it’s lifestyle choice you can begin whether you’re young or young at heart. Exercise need not be an elaborate or expensive routine. Walking, jogging, yoga or stretching are effective ways to stay nimble and mobile.

Track Medications and Doctor Visits
Understanding your healthcare and medications is a vital aspect of health. If you take more than two medications, it can be easy to forget doses and harmful interactions. Keeping track of which medicines are taken and when is as easy making a simple chart or tracking your visits and doses in an online personal health record.

Practice Mindful Nutrition
No matter what your age, nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy balance of essential nutrients is a benefits that cannot be delivered through exercise. Explore nutrition recommendations that are specific to senior citizens or talk with your doctor or a nutritionist about what nutriental elements are most important for you.

Drive with Care
It can be difficult to know — and even doubly difficult to admit — when driving becomes unsafe. Consider keeping a log of changes or challenges in reflexes, eyesight, emotions about driving, and concerns others may have voiced. With information in hand, you can be more aware of potential safety and vehicular concerns. Plan ahead and discuss alternative transportation options before a crisis or conflict dictates a change.

It’s true there’s no guaranteed path to a healthy, fulfilling life after retirement. It’s also true, however, that there are many ways you can move toward your vision of a successful life, now.

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