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Strategies for a Successful Retirement

The word ‘retirement’ can stir up negative connotations. Americans — including aging Americans themselves — might associate the phase with being past their prime. The reality, however, is quite the opposite. Retirement is an opportunity to fully take control of your life.

You can view retirement as a transition from full-time employment to an adventure where you can do exactly what you want. While you may have less monthly income than what you earned during your career, there have never been so many opportunities to earn income without being employed full time. To supplement retirement savings, consider contract work, flexible part-time employment or online gigs. Ensure a more successful and comfortable retirement by including everyday and emergency revenue strategies that fit alongside your retirement goals.


Speaking of goals, one of your first priorities in retirement planning should be to put together a realistic plan. Assess your income and assets including cash on hand. Plot out your expected monthly expenses and brainstorm ways to cut costs, if necessary. Having a true picture of income and expenses will help you with the fun part of retirement: how you can spend your time.

Retirement means having the freedom to organize your calendar to suit your own needs and dreams. Maybe you’re going to trade your gym membership for outdoor physical activity and fresh air. If so, plan time for activities that include walking, cycling or gardening or get busy on home improvements you’ve been putting off. Include things you’ve always wanted to try but never had time to do as part of your plan and take the opportunity to catch up with old friends and family.

Rather than being a time of loneliness or isolation, retirement can introduce you to new people and experiences. Think about activities you enjoy and then find a related club or group in your community.  Paradise Valley Estates has more than 56 resident clubs, committees and special interest groups.

Finally, never forget that all those years spent working should have a well-planned and well-executed reward. Retirement is the time to harvest the fruit of years of labor. Your future has one owner when you retire — you!

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