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Five Popular iOS Apps for Seniors

The Internet is an easy, fast and often free way for seniors to stay in touch. Jan Olson, fitness and living well manager at Paradise Valley Estates, a northern California continuing care retirement community, believes the same tools many people use to share photos, events and recent happenings — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — are also excellent applications that can help seniors maintain and strengthen connections with friends, family members and acquaintances.


But there’s also another world of helpful Internet technology: mobile applications. Seniors can access a bounty of apps to help them boost their memory power, organize events, and access help in the event of an emergency situation.

Here are some of the top-rated senior apps available now in Apple’s iTunes store:

CogniFit Brain Fitness
CogniFit Brain Fitness offers up to four different brain training games for free. The games, which are designed by neuroscientists, integrate with CogniFit’s website to synchronize data and track progress. Track key cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration and attention. Extra games are available with a paid monthly or annual CogniFit subscription. Available in the Apple App Store or online.

abc Notes
Have trouble remembering appointments? Remember to test-drive the abc Notes app. This intuitive quick note app helps users create sticky note reminders on iPhones or iPads to alert them to important events, appointments and tasks. Create, organize and share notes among devices. Options avilable in the Apple App Store include the free version (abc Notes Lite) or $2.99 for a full version (abc Notes).

Elder 911
This application helps you and loved ones prepare ahead of time for emergencies. You can decide which actions to take in case of a bad fall or plan a call-out list should a hospital stay be required. This helpful tool assists with emergency preparedness helps you explore ‘what if’ questions and scenarios. Available free in the Apple App Store.

Pillboxie is an easy-to-use, low-cost tool that lets you drop a virtual pill into a virtual pill bottle in order to set medication reminder alarms. Designed by a nurse, Pillboxie is easy to use, and has no complicated steps or confusing directions. Oversized images are easy to see even for those with eyesight problems. Available in the Apple App Store.

Magnifying Glass with Light
This digital magnifyer is extremely helpful for seniors who have a tough time reading small type or in dim light. This app uses the smartphone or tablet camera to magnify text and illuminate the subject matter. Options avilable in the Apple App Store include the free version (Magnifying Glass with Light) or $1.99 for an enhanced capabilies version (Magnifying Glass with Light Pro).

These are just five of thousands of mobile apps with an elderly focus. Tech toys and innovative technology can be very powerful tools for those who are aging. Introduce your elderly loved ones to new tech treats to help keep their minds active and involve them in today’s useful and fun technology. You might even discover a few helpful apps you can add to your own mobile device!

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