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“Your Legendary Life” Intentional Creativity Class at Paradise Valley Estates

Art Pic 1 Hedricks and DaughterAn ART class? What the heck is “Intentional Creativity” or “Intuitive Painting” taught by artist, Kerry Lee from Benicia? Here at PVE a group of brave and curious souls enrolled to find out. It is a process of self-discovery, something from inside our memory bank. So, by becoming receptive to our unconscious with our right brain and heart, our memories can be transformed as an unblocking, a healing, or a vision for the future. The students learned intuitive painting with acrylics and a multi-step process.

Art Pic 5 Karel and Pat williams When you believe there is no “right and wrong”, the fear just disappears. As we shared with our fellow students as little or as much as wished, we became a tight knit group. We could appreciate each other’s work and individuality. No two were alike!

Classes began with a “red thread” ceremony where we passed along a ball of red thread wrapping it around our wrists and binding us together in our experience. We also could share how we were feeling as we came into the classroom.

Art Pic 3 Mrs. TantilloThe results were amazing. Some resembled the painter and others of someone they knew. Very different from the usual methods of creating art. Our works will be on display in the Community Center next month.

Art Pic 4 The classIt is certainly an experience worth trying. Many of us intend to take the next class when it is offered. Thanks to our Life Enrichment Department for making this happen.

The artist, Kerry Lee, had this to say about the class at PVE: “This paragraph summarizes the experience I hope to bring this group of artists (and a handful that haven’t painted since grade school who are now artists!) From “The Grace in Aging, Awaken as You Grow Older” by Kathleen Dowling Singh.”

Ms. Singh’s quote: “The Grace in Aging comes from the perspective that with some outer vistas closing as we age, we would do well to recognize that inner vistas, peaceful and joyful and beautiful beyond imagining, can open. These inner vistas have always been within, available to us; we often didn’t have the time to explore them in any depth while we were immersed in the busy-ness of our lives to date.”

Art Pic 2 The class 2