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When the Grandchildren Visit


“You’re going to love it at PVE,” the six-year old assures her younger cousin.  “It’s where all the grandparents live.”  Who can argue with that accurate appraisal of our community demographics?  We are a band of proud grandparents, looking forward to weekends and holidays when the SUV’s come through the entry gates laden with “precious cargo,” our grandchildren.

The normally busy tempo of daily life here at Paradise Valley Estates is ramped up a notch as families ranging from infants to teenagers greet grandparents.  The pool is a popular destination after a long day in the car; shouts of “Marco! Polo” ring out, teams of water basketball and volleyball enthusiasts chase an elusive ball down the lane lines.  Some grandparents even participate, but most are happy to sit at pool’s edge and enjoy the enthusiasm of healthy, active kids.  The putting green is a magnet for Tiger Woods wanna-be’s, and inline skates and skateboards glide safely around cul-de-sacs.  “Look Gram, I’m riding without training wheels!” calls a five-year-old cyclist, and neighbors and grandparents beam with pride at this new accomplishment.  The Café is a meeting place where grandchildren inhale milk shakes and sundaes during the afternoon, but it is at mealtime when grandparents bask in the “Show and Tell” setting of the formal dining room.  Sunday buffet is a must. 

When it is bedtime, visiting families retire to PVE guest rooms furnished with resort hotel accommodations, or to the Guest House, where an entire family can enjoy “catching up.”

It is unique to live in a retirement community where our grandchildren are welcomed so warmly by everyone. Perhaps we do inhabit a place where all the grandparents live!

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