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Unexpected Benefits of Transportation


One of the advantages of living in a community like Paradise Valley Estates is a whole host of convenient services like door-to-door transportation for all kinds of events and commitments.  Whether we need to visit our dentist or are off to San Francisco to go to the opera, we can count on our friendly drivers to get us where we need to go, safely and without the headaches of parking and navigating.


The unexpected benefit is the relationship that develops between us and the staff members that provide these services.  They are, in a way, part of our extended family.  One driver is on the brink of earning his Bachelor’s Degree and we enjoy talking with him about his classes when we are out and about.  His experiences bring back memories of our own college experiences.

There are times when we can provide the student with some valuable advice.  It might be insight into a puzzling passage in a Kafka book, for instance.  On one occasion, our driver had been advised by a fellow driver to use “Cliff Notes” for help in writing a difficult essay due the next day.  Upon hearing that, a couple of his riders piped up and said, “Don’t ever do that!  It’s a dead give-away to the professor that you haven’t even read the assignment!”  Fortunately, the driver heeded our advice born of years of experience and completed the assignment successfully, without the “Cliff Notes”.