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The Store

Residents and staff love to stop in to the Paradise Valley Estates store for a few minutes of shopping. It’s a unique operation that contributes significantly to life at the community. All the items have been donated by residents and staff for resale. The Store is what you’d call a “petite” space, at only 8 x 12 feet. The results are huge, though. The Store has had sales of over $100,000, just in the past three years.

A wide variety of items are attractively displayed, including crockery, decorative items, jewelry, kitchen, holiday and seasonal merchandise.   It’s a great place to pick up a unique (and sometimes vintage) gift for a birthday or wedding. It is located in a high traffic area of the Community Center, close to the multi-purpose room, and easily attracts passers-by.

store large

Kay Case, Marianne Siembieda, Virginia Stockel & Lynn Ridgway

This effort has been a part of life at PVE since nearly the beginning of the community. Resident Virginia Stockel managed The Store for many years and still assists and advises. Now resident Lynn Ridgway has taken the reins and managed The Store since July 2014. She has a committee of over 30 volunteers, including one resident with quite a flair for merchandise display!

The main source of revenue comes from sale of furniture and household items which are donated primarily by residents. Some are doing “spring cleaning” and others may be transitioning to assisted living. In addition to The Store, the committee also holds a Holiday Sale and periodic “Garage Sales” in their onsite storage area.

All proceeds go to the PVE Resident Council Operating Fund. The Council distributes the funds to many great causes, including the Benevolence and Employee Appreciation Funds.