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The Horseshoe Guys

Horseshoe 1

Blog contributor Harv Tzudiker reports: On my way back from a photo shoot of the Lady Golfers I came across four of Paradise Valley Estates horseshoe experts—Sam Grzan, Herb Heberling, Bill Fernow and Barry Rockwell.  PVE’s horseshoe pit sits out behind the community center, near the iconic gazebo and the Bocce Court.

They were just finishing up a big game.  I asked who won and it was Herb Heberling.  In fact, they said that Herb, second from the left in the photo above, could not be beaten! The other Horseshoe Guys said that they would keep trying.

Horseshoe 2I was able to catch Bill Fernow’s flawless, ballet dancer (but losing) form.  Herb just keeps on smiling.

Win or lose, probably doesn’t make too much difference. Like the Lady’s 9-Hole Golfers, it’s more about friendship and fun. Herb could coach them along a bit, though, and share some of his game-winning technique!