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The Essence of Elders


Monique Rodgers, Life Enrichment Coordinator for Quail Creek, snapped the photo of 6’7” Maintenance Tech Frank Yates, arm-in-arm with resident Greta Carsch, who stands 4’11”.  It was just a fleeting moment, but the affection between the two is obvious.

The photo, one of several taken and submitted by PVE staff and residents, was honored as part of the Senior Coalition of Solano County’s first-ever photo competition.  The theme for the exhibition was “The Essence of Our Elders”.

On a recent, festive evening at Joseph Nelson Center in Suisun City, photographers and subjects gathered for a celebration of the images.  Greta and Frank, as well as other PVE staff and residents, were in attendance and enjoyed their moment in the spotlight.

“The primary focus of the inaugural competition was to dispel the myths of aging and promote the many talents of Solano County older adults”, said Linda Johnson, Sales Coordinator at PVE.  As a member of the Coalition, Linda was integral in the planning and promotion of the event.  She did a wonderful job of encouraging staff and residents of PVE to participate.

Recently, the exhibit made another appearance.  This time the images were displayed at the Solano County Fair.  Linda is hoping this event continues to build in popularity and becomes an annual event.  Considering the variety of subjects and photographers in this first year, they are off to a great start and PVE looks forward to being a part of future exhibitions.