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Spittin’ for Charity


One recent sunny Friday morning, Paradise Valley Estates’ first-ever watermelon seed spitting contest was held.  This fun had a purpose—to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. The Spitting Contest was noisy, with air-horn and bull-horn and hoop’n-and-holler’n as contestants vied for trophies.  The competition was stiff and even included the boss, Executive Director Jim Mertz.  Some 26 spitters toed the line and spat over 200 seeds to determine who the best blower was.

With a mighty huff & puff, Maintenance Tech, Rada Rama proved the winner with a distance of almost 30 feet.  The second mighty puff, only a few inches behind Rada, was resident Kim Marshall, who collected the Reserve Grand Champion prize.  The early distance standard for seed spitters was set with a powerful gust from resident Bob Terrell, traveling the third longest distance and earning him the Senior Champion prize of a bottle of “Two-Buck-Chuck” wine.

The boss, Executive Director Jim Mertz, was a good sport, but was badly treated by his competition.  Some seven spitters were proudly wearing ribbons after the competition that said “I beat the boss – seed spitting”!  Nine residents worked the event, along with PVE PACERS Walk-for-Alzheimer’s co-chairs Denise Flowerday and Linda Johnson.  All who participated had a great time – and raised more than $500 for the Alzheimer’s Foundation.  Good job PVEers!  More than one person was heard to utter, “We should do it again next year.”  Get ready Champion Rada!