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Run for the Posies


Once a year – on the first Saturday in May, to be precise – Kentucky comes to California, and can be found, alive and kicking at Paradise Downs. A positive “hatitude” is par for the course, and the highlight of the day – after watching the big race (live) from Louisville – is our own in house special.  Four resident couples racing (well, gambling is probably a better description) to the finish line, encouraged by the cheers of the crowd and a feather duster “whip” applied, usually without much success, by four determined female jockeys. The result depends on the luck of the draw (in this case a deck of over-sized cards), but to mind tulips make it all worth while and money is raised for a good cause, so in the final run everybody wins. About 100 people attend and over $5,000 was raised this year alone.

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