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Hollywood North (Better Known as Paradise Valley Estates)

It’s spring and time for the Paradise Valley Chorale Revue. This semi-annual extravaganza includes singing, music and dancing. The production includes over 70 residents and staff that handle tasks from creating programs, to lighting and sound. The whole production is the vision of resident Mila Edwards, talented musician and musical director for the Chorale.

For the sales and marketing department, the Spring Revue was their second opportunity to participate in this lively and fun event. Billing themselves as the “Markettes”, they danced and kicked their way through the Chorale’s rendition of Cabaret, complete with solo by resident Jan Hewett.

For the marketing team, the dance number provided an opportunity to work together on something that is outside the normal routine and probably well outside their comfort zone. Let’s call it a bonding opportunity. It’s also a chance to give back to the residents. Sales and Marketing team members Jane Walker, Patti Luccioni, Linda Johnson and Sharon Dominik all participated. The Markettes added new team member Heather Stoneman to the group this time around. Heather proved to be a real asset, having participated in marching band and color guard all through high school. Clearly, she was at home in front of a crowd!

Seeing all the smiling and appreciative faces in the audience is worth all the time spent in practice. The Markettes will hang up their dancing shoes for a few months and get back to their day jobs. Don’t be surprised if they make another appearance this fall!

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