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A New Group of Golf Enthusiasts Joins the Ranks

3.25.15 golf 2

With spring comes a parade of golfers heading to the Paradise Valley Golf Course from Paradise Valley Estates. The fine, municipal course is adjacent to the retirement community, making it very easy to use! The men’s group, with its monthly “Moaners and Groaners” dinner, has long been a tradition at PVE. Now, though, there are nearly 20 ladies who want in on the action. A group was formed in January to play in a 9-hole format. They had been playing at two other courses in the area. They are off to a good beginning and are working on a name for their group.

They have been playing twice each month at area courses. Most of the ladies like to play only nine holes on the long courses, but some of the die-hard lady golfers still like to play a full 18 holes. What appealed to this group was a recreational, non-competitive game.

3.25.15 golf 3On a recent day in March, the group gathered after a short photo shoot in the PVE dining room where Chef Dwayne served a delicious lunch. A great group discussion of possible format changes and brainstorming followed. Ideas included picking your own foursome, playing different courses in the area, playing at the Paradise Valley course and having a scramble so the round moves along quickly. There was also a discussion of where to go for lunch afterwards!

3.25.15 golf 1 It’s clear that these ladies enjoy each other and the game. They say it’s about the beautiful courses, the fresh air, forming new friendships and having fun. They are hoping for even more members to join in the fun!

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